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Palestinian factions: Ben Gvir’s racist statements against prisoners expose Israel’s fascism

GAZA(Palestine Foundation Information Center)Palestinian factions denounced on Monday the racist statements made by Israeli occupation officials, most recently Ben Gvir’s press remarks calling for executing Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails.

The factions stressed in a statement, issued by the Follow-up Committee of National and Islamic Forces, that “these Nazi statements expose the fascist policies pursued by the Israeli government and its army in the ongoing brutal aggression on the Gaza Strip and all Palestinian lands.”

The factions also denounced successive statements made by other Israeli officials including the president of Israel, who denied the existence of Palestinian civilians and called on the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) to eliminate all Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, in addition to the Israeli minister of culture’s earlier remarks calling for striking Gaza with a nuclear bomb.

The factions’ statement also slammed the world for its prolonged silence regarding such fascist statements and policies with no action taken to hold Israeli officials, who made these statements and those who are responsible for the ongoing aggression, accountable before international courts or to impose sanctions on the Nazi-Zionist entity.

Revenge Strategy
The Palestinian factions stressed in their statement that the scale of crimes committed by the IOF in the ongoing hideous aggression against the Gaza Strip, with knocking down of houses on top of its residents, targeting hospitals as well as educational and international institutions and shelter centers, “expose Israel’s revenge strategy, which is totally the same as the work of terrorist criminal gangs who do not recognize any of the international laws or human values. Rather, it follows the law of the jungle against whoever stands against it.”

The statement stressed that “the continued attack on world leaders who criticize the crimes of the Zionist enemy, including the Secretary-General of the United Nations, with unlimited American support, proves that the American administration is a complicit partner in the genocidal war on Gaza.”

The Palestinian factions called on human rights groups to “exert more efforts to prosecute those murderous criminals, bring them to international trials, and establish an international court allocated for war crimes and neo-fascist criminals.”

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