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Palestinian fighters infiltrated Shin Bet, Mossad: Documentary reveals

Palestine, (The Palestine Information Centre)A new much-awaited documentary has revealed how Palestinian fighters infiltrated deep into Israel’s so-called internal security service, Shin Bet, and Mossad spy agency.

“Spider’s Web 2,” as the documentary is named, details a complex espionage operation that was carried out against the Israeli organizations by al-Quds Brigades. The Brigades serves as the armed wing of the Palestinian resistance movement of the Islamic Jihad, which is headquartered in the Tel Aviv-blockaded Palestinian territory of the Gaza Strip.

The mission served to continue the “Wahda al-Sahat (Unity of the Fields)” operation, which the Islamic Jihad launched in August 2022 to retaliate against Israeli warfare in Gaza. The Israeli military launched close to 150 airstrikes against the coastal sliver during the war, prompting the resistance to respond by firing some 1,100 rockets toward the occupied territories.

According to the documentary, the Islamic Jihad waged the espionage operation using six of its fighters, who managed to infiltrate the recruitment and spy management mechanism of the Israeli intelligence apparatus.

The operation succeeded in baiting a number of Israeli officers into revealing the secrets of Israeli intelligence methods and procedures.

One of the Palestinian operatives, referred to as Recruit #106, duped a Shin Bet officer into believing that he was afraid of being arrested by the Palestinian resistance fighters, thus luring the Israeli officer into revealing a treasure trove of information on the regime’s security system, methods, and tools.

The Palestinian agents also managed to find out how Shin Bet agents had, in the past, tried to pose themselves as Palestinian Authority officers, Jordanian intelligence agents, and even a European Union representative on one occasion.

The Palestinian operation led to the arrest of a number of Israeli espionage agents and the dismantling of at least three Israeli spying grouplets.

The successful conduct of the operation, according to the documentary, led to the al-Quds Brigades’ debunking the myth of might that surrounds the Israeli regime and its capabilities, with the Palestinian fighters identifying the regime as no more than “an illusion made of dust.” The term was famously used to by Mahmoud al-Aridah, one of the six Palestinian prisoners, who successfully escaped an Israeli maximum-security prison in September 2021.

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