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Time left for Israel’s destruction

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The world is passing through a critical phase since the foundation of United Nations. World imperialism has misused this body many a times for oppression of humanity. Zionist regime of Israel is one such product that the global imperialist powers brought to existence.

Zionist regime of Israel wiped Palestine off the map gradually denying Palestinians right to live in their homeland. Suppression of Palestinian right was intensified since 9/11. The world imperialism’s dirty game in connivance with its regional allies continues in full swing. Unfortunately, those committing these acts claim themselves to be champions of freedom, justice, equality and human right.

A full-fledged war was imposed on Lebanon in 2006. In April 2007, whole of Gaza was put under siege and this encirclement lasts till now. Gaza has become a jail for its 1.5 million people. They have nothing to survive their lives.

In 2008, when Palestine came under Israeli attack, we saw no reaction from the world and in particular the Muslims and Arab governments.

Therefore, former students of Karachi University gathered to ponder upon the worst conditions of the Middle East and in particular Palestine. These former students knew well what the founding fathers had said about Palestine. In view of the just and principled position of pioneers of Pakistan on Palestine issue, it was decided in 2008 that Palestine Foundation (PLF) of Pakistan should be formed.


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