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Time left for Israel’s destruction

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Global March to Jerusalem



We the members of the Arab & international solidarity movements on behalf of the

International Committee for the Global March to Jerusalem, extend our solidarity to the “Olive Revolution”, that is now “Knocking at the Doors of Jerusalem”. The world watches on with baited breath as tomorrow, the last Friday of Ramadan, on the occasion of the Al Quds day, hundreds of Palestinians will be marching towards Jersualem from across the country.
We entirely endorse your position – “We state that Jerusalem will remain the jewel of the Arabs and capital of our future country. Jerusalem is the symbol of our pride and our national dignity that’s why we are going to knock on its doors by popular demonstrations and non-violent activities which start with the Friday prayers on the 26th of August 2011”, which is “unarmed, popular, patriotic, and human revolution against Israeli occupation.”
We are witnessing the increasing & unabated Zionisation of Jerusalem, with settlements being constructed on a daily basis, under the political protection of the Obama administration & the US veto at the UN. Palestinians are being compelled to leave by exerting economic pressures, legal strictures or by pure military & violent means. This is true for all of the West Bank as well.
Jerusalem has been referred to as the “Eternal capital of Eretz Israel” by Netanyahu & other major Israeli leaders & they have clearly stated that Jerusalem is not up for negotiations. This is in utter contravention of all relevant UN Resolutions on Jerusalem & tenets of International Law. The Israeli agenda is very clear. The dominant position within the political-military & religious leadership is thatIsrael has a right to occupy all of historic Palestine. The “Final Solution” as envisaged by the Zionists is the total ethnic cleansing of all of the Palestinian population from all of historic Palestine & the transfer of the entire population into Jordan.
Jerusalem is our common universal heritage & is the centre of spirituality & of great religious significance for Judaism, Christianity & Islam & this remarkable historic city of great antiquity is venerated across the world for enhancing the rich spiritual heritage of all of humanity.
Thus Jerusalem needs to be liberated, redeemed & reclaimed by the People of the world. The city of Jerusalem has been a beacon of emancipation & hope to the downtrodden. It has symbolized the unity & equality of all of God’s creation & the message of love, mercy & compassion & it is with that universal message that we must persist & forge resolutely ahead.
The world recognises the threat & thus now an international initiative is underway & we are all preparing to march to Jerusalem!!
The world recognizes the threat to the sovereignty, sacredness & sanctity of Jerusalem. The destruction of the very sacredness of Jerusalem is one of the objectives of Zionism & the irreligious global elite. Their nefarious plans & designs are: the destruction of the Masjid-i-Aqsa & the Qubattus Sakhra & the rebuilding of the Third Temple at that very site. Even the Christian holy sites amongst which of most importance is, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre & the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem are endangered. We also respect the veneration of the Wailing Wall by our Jewish brethren, as have all the adherents of the three faiths, who have peacefully lived & cohabited for centuries.
Thus we now need to draw the international focus onto Jerusalem, which is the core issue & lies at the centre of the conflict & the occupation.
Therefore we have decided to organize a Global March to Jerusalem. The objective of the “GMJ” is to raise the Global consciousness & awareness on the mortal threat to Jerusalem. On the 30th of March 2012, we intend to converge from across the three continents & will amass on the borders of Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon & Syria, with delegations that will join us from every nation of the world & then peacefully march over into Palestine.
As we march across the continents, we will be raising all the core issues of the “Right of Return”, the growth of Settlements, the control over Water, the Apartheid Wall, the Check-Points, the Siege of Gaza, the 11,000 prisoners languishing in Israeli prisons – in fact all the various core issues & dimensions of the Zionist Occupation will be raised during the course of our land convoys to Jerusalem.
We thus want all our courageous Palestinian brothers & sisters to know that now the entire world is united in your struggle to save Jerusalem. The people of the world will be marching towards Jerusalem.
Maan Bashour (Lebanon), Dr. Ribhi Halloum (Jordan), Prof Paul Larudee (USA), George Galloway (UK),Khaled Soufiyani (Morocco), M K Sawalha (UK)
Saud Abu Mahfouz (Jordan), Prof. Mohsen Saleh (Lebanon), Mazin Qumsiyeh (Palestine), Dr. Ghada Karmi (UK), Sheikhul Islam (Iran), Huseiyn Oruc  (Turkey), Huwaida Arraf (Palestine-USA), Abdul Ghaffar Aziz (Pakistan), Sandeep Pandey (India),
Feroze Mithiborwala (India), Nabil Hallak (Lebanon), Bashir Zmaili (Jordan), Izzet Sahin (Turkey), Zaher Birawi, Kevin Ovenden (UK), Ali Mallah (Canada), George Rishmawi (Palestine), 9) Salim Ghafouri (Iran), Shaheen Kattiparambil (India), Ramy Zurayk (Lebanon), Mustapa Mansour (Malaysia), Roohulla Rezvi (Iran), Gauhar Iqbal (India), Irman Abdurahman (Indonesia)

International central Committee:

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