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Under IOF protection, Jewish settlers launch new attacks in Ramallah

RAMALLAH (Palestine Foundation Information Center) Several Palestinians were injured in a new settler attack on Burqa town, east of Ramallah, late on Sunday.

Local sources reported that a group of Jewish settlers attacked the Burqa from the northern and western entrances, accompanied by a large number of Israeli occupation forces (IOF), amid heavy gunfire.

During the raid, the settlers set fire to a barn belonging to the citizen Nizam Ali Maatan after slaughtering several livestock.

The settlers also attacked the residents who came to put out the fire and injured many of them. Ambulances were prevented from transferring the injured.

The Jewish settlers tried to storm a house on the northern side of the village, and other houses on the western side, which led to the outbreak of violent clashes.

Similar clashes were reported in several West Bank villages and towns, including Anabta and Kafr al-Labad, east of Tulkarem, Kharbatha Al-Misbah, west of Ramallah, and Harmala, southeast of Bethlehem.

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