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US-backed Israeli genocide in Gaza enters day 61

GAZA(Palestine Foundation Information Center)topicsthe US-backed Israeli genocidal war on the Gaza Strip entered day 61 on Wednesday, massive aerial and artillery strikes continued to pound and level whole blocks and homes and massacre more civilians, mostly children, and women.

According to local sources, Israeli warplanes carried out hundreds of attacks last night and in the morning on different areas of Gaza.

The Palestinian Information Center (PIC) reporter in Gaza said that the Israeli occupation army concentrated its attacks on Khan Yunis and the north and east of the Gaza Strip, adding that Israeli incursions in the south were met with fierce resistance.

Meanwhile, dozens of casualties were reported after Israeli warplanes bombed al-Falah School and Salahuddin School in Gaza City. Both of them are being used as shelters for displaced people.

Many other civilians were also either killed or injured during overnight and morning artillery and aerial attacks on different neighborhoods of Gaza.

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