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We will resist Israel’s attempt to ethically cleanse Gaza

Izzat Alrisheq
Member of the political bureau of Hamas

Official website – Hamas movement

We adamantly reject to be expelled from our homes once again. We will resist Israel’s attempt to ethnically cleanse Gaza. Our unwavering determination is to resist Israel’s pursuit of ethnic cleansing in Gaza, firmly resolved to prevent a second Nakba from unfolding. The current developments in Gaza represent an extraordinarily audacious and brutal endeavor to forcibly remove the Palestinian indigenous people from their land.

Israel has publicly declared its plan to commit genocide against Palestinians.

The Zionist entity, supported by Western governments, has conducted a war of intense bombardment, releasing more than 6,000 bombs upon Gaza within the past week. Nearly 500 children have been tragically killed as a result of the intense bombardment, carried out by the Zionist entity. They have targeted mosques, a church, educational institutions, residences, and medical facilities with bombings, yet it is our people who are erroneously branded as terrorists.

Today, we have seen the mobilization of millions in the Arab and Muslim world, extending their support to the courageous Palestinians in Gaza. We express our heartfelt gratitude for their solidarity and implore them to continue, urging them to march to the borders and play their part in this historic juncture that promises the restoration of our freedom and the dignity of all Arabs and Muslims.

To our allies living in Western countries, the free noble people of those societies. You too have a role to play, to pressure your governments to abandon their support to Netanyahu and his fascist government. To correct the lies of the media, lift this barbaric siege on our people.

Yes, what the Zionists are doing is inhumane, it is unprecedented, it is barbaric and contravenes all the laws and treaties that the so-called free and democratic countries claim they believe in. But our resolve is unbreakable. We will not surrender our legitimate fight for freedom and self-determination. We will either live standing tall or we will die fighting.


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