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Time left for Israel’s destruction

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  1. International Palestine Solidarity Conference on International Quds Day.(Every Year)
  2. Pictorial exhibitions at universities, public places, etc.
  3. Seminars, lectures, rallies, press conference on Youm-e-Nakba (Catastrophe Day).
  4. To release historical and informative CDs, Cartoon Movies every year.
  5. Convention: Once in three years.
  6. Signature campaigns in universities and public places places on November 29 every year.
  7. Protest rallies, demonstrations against the Zionist Israeli atrocities.
  8. Participation in international programmes such as Global march to Jerusalem. Our NGO is one of the members of the GMJ International Central Committee (ICC) and played a significant role in forming GMJ Asian Caravan.
  9. We are running a bilingual website namely
  10. We are publishing a monthly magazine Voice of Palestine.


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