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108 UNRWA staff killed since the beginning of Israeli hostilities

GAZA,(Palestine Foundation Information Center)The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) stated that 108 of its staff have been killed since the beginning of the Israeli aggression on Gaza on October 7.

This is the highest number of United Nations aid workers killed in a conflict in the history of the United Nations, UNRWA said, noting that at least 40 percent of them have been killed south of Wadi Gaza.

The UN agency pointed out that over 1.7 million people (or nearly 80 percent of the population) have been displaced across the Gaza Strip since 7 October.

On average, there is one shower unit for every 4,500 people in UNRWA shelters and on average, around 220 people sheltering in UNRWA schools share a single toilet.

According to UNRWA, as of 23 November, over 14,532 people have been killed in the Gaza Strip since 7 October; 74 percent of them are reportedly children and women.

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