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15 Palestinians killed every hour in Gaza

GAZA,(Palestine Foundation Information Center)2% of the total population of the Gaza Strip became direct victims of the Israeli aggression, either as martyrs or wounded, official sources revealed on Tuesday.

The Government Media Office (GMO) affirmed that Gaza’s hospitals have received, on average, one wounded person every minute since the start of the aggression and 15 martyrs every hour. Six children and five women are killed per hour, the Media Office added.

The GMO also pointed out that 70% of the population of the Gaza Strip has been forcibly displaced from their homes since the start of the Israeli bloody aggression, adding that Israeli warplanes dropped 30,000 tons of explosives on the besieged enclave.

Half of the hospitals in the Gaza Strip and 62% of primary care centers have stopped operating and are effectively out of service, it said.

The GMO pointed out that 50% of the housing units in the Gaza Strip were damaged during the attacks, while 10% of the housing units were completely demolished or became uninhabitable.

It said that 33% of the schools in the Gaza Strip were also damaged, while about 9% of them were out of service.

The GMO further noted that 14% of Gaza’s mosques were damaged, while 5% of them were completely demolished.

Since October 7, 10,022 Palestinians have been killed in the Israeli aggression, including 5,104 children and 2,641 women while 25,408 others were wounded.

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