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200,000 Gather in London to Protest the Israeli Terrorist War on Gaza

LONDON, (The Palestine Information Centre)More than 200,000 gathered on Saturday on the streets of London, to condemn the horrifying Israeli crimes committed in Gaza.

The protest was organized by the Palestinian Forum in Britain (PFB), Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC), Friends of Al-Aqsa (FOA), Muslim Association of Britain (MAB), and Stop the War Coalition, and Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC).

A PFB statement said, “The statistics are both shocking and heartbreaking: over 2,000 civilians, among them more than 600 children and 360 women, ruthlessly snatched away from their families. An additional 7,500 innocent lives, including 1,901 children and 1,185 women, bear the physical and emotional scars of this violence. We refuse to stay silent in the face of such appalling atrocities.

The actions of the Israeli government in Gaza have jolted the world’s conscience. We unequivocally denounce these heinous crimes against humanity, executed with a blatant disregard for human life. The intentional targeting of civilians, particularly children and women, is an affront to the shared values of humanity.

We are profoundly disturbed by the significant support extended by the United Kingdom to these atrocities, evident through its consistent financial, political, and military backing of Israel. To the UK government, we assert: your involvement in these acts of violence is unacceptable. Your support makes our nation complicit, and we, the public, stand united in our rejection of this complicity.”

A PFB spokesperson spoke at the protest and asserted that “if the occupation continues and our government continues to support it, the generations will know nothing but anger, they will know nothing but war.” He added that “the Palestinian flag is a symbol for hope, liberation and peace.” He then continued to emphasize on the crimes of the Israeli forces, whether in Gaza or in the West Bank, through apartheid and through the killing of innocent civilians.

The Palestinian ambassador Husam Zmolot also spoke at the event and called on the people of the world to stand up for Palestine and to speak out and be the “last conscious at this dark time.” He then expressed his disappointment with politicians around the world for taking the “easy path not the right path.” Zmolot also expressed his concern by saying “what happened to justice, what happened to the law, what happened to humanity, where is the international law.” He continued to say that “the Palestinian struggle is a people struggle for dignity and to survive, to not be killed.”

Ben Jamal, the director of the PSC, thanked the attendees for their solidarity with Palestine and called for another protest next week. He said, “All of us want the violence to end, attacks on civilians should be condemned no matter who commits them, but we know that violence will not end until you deal with its root causes and the root causes of the violence we are currently seeing is the decades long war Israel has launched on the people of Palestine through a system of occupation, colonization and apartheid.”

Zaher Birawi, head of the Palestinian Forum in Britain said that this huge number of demonstrators in London sends a strong message against the crimes of the occupation in Gaza and against the policy and positions of the British government and all British politicians and parties that are competing to justify these crimes that violate international law.

Birawi added that today’s march, which turned into a human flood and waves of Palestinian flag bearers in the streets of London, conclusively expressed that the attempts of the British government and its colonial policy makers to intimidate British society from carrying the Palestinian flag and chanting freedom for Palestine have failed miserably. Stressing that the demands of the Minister of the Interior simply contradict the law and the fundamental right to freedom of expression of citizens who today expressed their rejection of their government’s position in support of the occupation and justification for the killing of Palestinian children and the war crimes and genocide carried out by the occupying state against the Palestinians in Gaza.

Birawi then said, “Our demands:
– Immediate Cessation of UK Support: We demand an immediate cessation of all forms of UK support – financial, political, and military – to Israel until justice prevails for the lives lost in Gaza.

– Justice for Palestinians: We insist that the UK government actively pursue a fair and just resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, ensuring the rights and dignity of Palestinians are respected and protected.

– International Accountability: We call on the global community, including the United Nations, to conduct a thorough and impartial investigation into the atrocities in Gaza. Those responsible must be held accountable under international law.

– Promotion of Peace for Palestinians: We urge renewed efforts for a lasting peace, founded on respect for both Palestinians living under the blockade in Gaza and those under occupation in the West Bank, who endure daily hardships and violence. Dialogue and diplomacy must triumph over violence and aggression.

In our collective strength and determination, we stand united in our call for justice, peace, and an end to the suffering of the Palestinian people. Let our unified voice reverberate globally, reminding the world of the urgent need to protect the innocent and uphold the principles of justice and humanity.

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