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Abu Obeida: Israel is ignoring the lives of its captives in Gaza

GAZA,(Palestine Foundation Information Center)Al-Qassam Brigades spokesman Abu Obeida said Monday that Israel is procrastinating over a possible deal that would see dozens of Israeli hostages released in exchange for the freeing of Palestinian women and children being held in Israel’s prisons.

Abu Obeida revealed that Qatari mediators have led efforts to free 100 Israeli women and children in exchange for the release of 200 Palestinian children and 75 women from Israeli jails.

He said the Israeli side asked for the release of the women and children held in Gaza, but Hamas informed the mediators that the group could agree to a five-day truce during which it can release 50 captives in Gaza, with the possibility that the number may increase to 70.

He noted that Israel is procrastinating and trying to avoid paying any price, and is ignoring the lives of its captives in Gaza.

“The enemy requested the release of one hundred women and children held by us in Gaza. We informed the mediators that in a five-day truce, we could release 50 of the detained women and children in Gaza, which might eventually reach 70, considering the complexity of these detainees being held by multiple factions. The truce would also include a ceasefire and allow the entry of relief and humanitarian aid to all our people throughout the Gaza Strip.”

“However, the enemy continues to procrastinate and evade fulfilling this obligation, disregarding not only the lives of Palestinian civilians but also showing indifference to the killing of its prisoners. ”

Abu Obeida also said that one female Israeli soldier who was being held hostage was killed in an Israeli airstrike a few days ago.

“We warn the enemy and all those concerned with the affairs of prisoners and detainees that the continuation of aerial and ground aggression undoubtedly endangers the lives of these prisoners every hour. Those forewarned have no excuse.”

On the other hand, Abu Obeida said that Al-Qassam fighters managed to target 20 Israeli military vehicles over the past 48 hours.

“38 days after the beginning of the Battle of Al-Aqsa Flood, our fighters continue to confront the enemy’s Nazi forces and their vehicles, which are infiltrating Gaza City and Beit Hanoun from several directions,” he said.

“In the last 48 hours, our fighters have managed to completely or partially destroy 20 military vehicles, including tanks and armored vehicles, in areas of enemy force infiltration. Additionally, our fighters attacked buildings where enemy soldiers are fortified with anti-fortification and anti-personnel shells.”

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