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Abu Zuhri: US administration is an accomplice in Israel’s war crimes

ISTANBUL (Palestine Foundation Information Center) Senior Hamas official Sami Abu Zuhri has called on the US administration to admit its mistake and reconsider its position that helped the Israeli occupation regime to commit massive war crimes in the Gaza Strip.

In remarks on Friday to Al Jazeera satellite channel, Abu Zuhri accused the US administration of being an accomplice in the Israeli aggression against Gaza, stressing the need for Washington to work on ending the war.

Abu Zuhri affirmed that the occupation regime killed 30,000 Gazans with American and Western Support.

“Hamas is too strong for the occupation to eliminate because it an essential part of the Palestinian people and the Ummah,” Abu Zuhri said.

“The occupation is sinking into the quagmire of Gaza, and it will not be able to bring its prisoners back alive before it stops its aggression and pay the due price,” he added.

The Hamas official also said that his Movement is open to all initiatives and seeks to stop the aggression against the Palestinian people, but he asserted that there would be no agreement in this regard before the aggression against the Palestinians in Gaza comes to an end.

“The US administration should know that Hamas is a national liberation movement that will never give up its people’s rights,” he underlined.

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