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After eight-day pause, QB resumes rocket fire at Tel Aviv

GAZA(Palestine Foundation Information Center)Following an eight-day hiatus from rocket attacks on Tel Aviv, al-Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas, fired a salvo of long-range rockets towards the Israeli city in response to the ongoing massacres in the Gaza Strip.

This came in a new communiqué released on Tuesday by al-Qassam Brigades.

Meanwhile, the Hebrew media said that people took shelter in Tel Aviv today (September 18) as rocket raid sirens sounded across the city.

Explosions were heard in the Israeli city, but there were no immediate media reports of casualties or damage following the rocket attack.

A group of al-Qassam fighters also reported today that they targeted an Israeli army vehicle with a Yassin 105 projectile and destroyed it in the Sheikh Radwan neighborhood in Gaza City and killed an Israeli soldier after destroying the armored bulldozer he was driving in the same area.

In a separate incident, al-Qassam Brigades released a video recording on Monday showing an Israeli military jeep (Humvee) being targeted and destroyed by a Kornet anti-tank missile in Gaza City. A number of soldiers were killed in the attack.

Meanwhile, a reporter for the Palestinian Information Center (PIC) said in the morning that fierce clashes were raging between resistance fighters and invading Israeli troops on different battle fronts, especially in Khan Yunis (south of Gaza).

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