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AJP Action challenges Israel’s entry into the US visa waiver program

WASHINGTON, (The Palestine Information Centre) Americans for Justice in Palestine Action (AJP Action) declared total rejection of Israel’s entry into the US’s Visa Waiver Program (VWP).

AJP Action asserted that “the Israeli government, currently under scrutiny for growing human rights violations, does not meet the eligibility criteria for the U.S.’s Visa Waiver Program (VWP) due to its longstanding and systematic discrimination against US citizens of Palestinian, Arab, and Muslim descent.”

Given the escalating protests and strife in Israel and increasing international scrutiny of Netanyahu’s authoritarian policies, AJP Action believes it is crucial to reassess the negotiated terms for Israel’s entry into the VWP. Discrimination against American citizens should never be tolerated, especially not in a program founded on the principles of mutual respect and equality, it added.

In solidarity with the individuals facing this unjust treatment, AJP Action renewed its opposition to Israel’s entry into the VWP.

Addressing the Biden administration, AJP Action said that the partial solutions to Israel’s systemic discrimination are insufficient. “The time for full accountability is now and is long overdue.”


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