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Al-Aqsa storm made clear the difference between Palestine’s friends and enemies. Dr Sabir Abu Maryam

LAHORE  (Palestine Foundation Information Center)  The Al-Aqsa storm made the difference between the friends and enemies of Palestine clear. These views were expressed by Dr. Sabir Abu Maryam, Secretary General of Palestine Foundation Pakistan (PLF), while addressing the current affairs think-tank at the Lahore National Center.

The seminar was organized by the Dua Committee which was attended by a large number of youth including women.

Dr. Sabir Abu Maryam gave a detailed discussion about the history of the Palestinian issue, the beginning and evolution of the resistance, the various stages of the resistance, the role of the Islamic movements in the region, and the current situation and events after Operation Storm Al-Aqsa.

He also highlighted the betrayals of the Arab rulers in the region.

On this occasion, the youth was also provided with detailed information about the resistance of Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, and Yemen.

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