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Al-Azhar: “The Zionist enemy has turned into a rabid wolf”

The Al-Azhar Al-Sharif in Egypt has said that “the Zionist enemy has turned into a rabid wolf, obsessed with the passion of killing children, women and innocent people, and taking pleasure in eating their flesh and drinking their blood.”

This came in a strongly worded statement issued by Al-Azhar Al-Sharif, commenting on and condemning the Jabalia massacre committed by the Israeli occupation forces on Tuesday in Gaza. It has led to the death and injury of more than 400 people.

The statement added, “What has been encouraging Israel to carry out its massacres is the silence that sounds like the silence of the dead in their graves that has struck our international world, paralyzing its will and ability to restrain this entity, and putting an end to its daily bloody meal from Gaza’s children, women, elderly, and youth.”

The statement prayed for Allah to protect Gaza and those in it, and to break the might of its enemy and all those supporting its massacres in the besieged enclave.

Al-Azhar called on Muslims around the world to pray for the people of Gaza.

Al-Azhar Al-Sharif’s statement came as a comment on the “horrific massacre” committed by the Israeli army after it bombed a residential neighborhood adjacent to the Indonesia Hospital in Jabalia, north of Gaza, leaving hundreds of martyrs and wounded.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza said that the massacre resulted in 400 martyrs and wounded, according to a preliminary tally, stressing that the number may be the largest, and may be close to the number of victims of the massacre of Al-Ahli Arab Hospital known as the Baptist Hospital, because the area that was bombed was “densely populated”.


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