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Anything possible if Israel insists on committing crimes against Gazans, Iran warns

Iran, (The Palestine Information Centre)Iran has warned of the adverse consequences of the Israeli regime’s inhumane actions against Palestinians in light of its atrocious military campaign against the besieged Gaza Strip.

Speaking at a weekly press conference in Tehran on Monday, Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kan’ani said the Gaza-based resistance groups are fighting the occupying Tel Aviv regime on behalf of the entire Palestinian nation.

He criticized the distorted narrative of the Western mainstream media regarding what is happening against the defenseless people of Gaza, saying they seek to exonerate the oppressors and change their place with that of the oppressed.

“Resistance is the [undeniable] right of the Palestinian nation. The Zionist regime has lost the battle, and the latest developments clearly show its resounding defeat in the face of the Palestinian resistance front. In order to make up for the defeat, the regime has employed all means at its disposal against Palestinians,” Kan’ani said.

The senior Iranian diplomat also described the Israeli actions in Gaza as a war crime, pointing to Israel’s repeated use of internationally-banned weapons against civilians in the enclave as well as its decision to cut off water, food and medicine supplies to the area.

“The world public opinion has awakened. We are witnessing that various nations are significantly throwing their support behind the Palestinian nation. Iran has repeatedly emphasized that the prolongation of the status quo could agitate the atmosphere in the region,” Kan’ani said.

He continued, “If such an inhumane policy persists, all options are possible. The resistance [front] in the region will not close its eyes to the Zionists’ crimes. The continuation of these conditions can endanger regional peace. It is everyone’s responsibility worldwide to confront the actions of the Zionists.”

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