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Arab League hails Australia’s decision to use term ‘occupied Palestinian territories’

Egypt, (The Palestine Information Centre)The Arab League has welcomed Australia’s decision to resume using the term “occupied Palestinian territories” to refer to the West Bank and East al-Quds.

The General Secretariat of the Arab League said in a statement on Sunday that the decision will send a message to the Israeli regime to observe international law.

“We welcome Australia’s decision to consider Israeli settlements illegal, and we appreciate the Australian government’s decision to use the term of occupied Palestinian territories,” to label the West Bank and East al-Quds, the statement said.

“The move is of significant importance as it sends a clear message of the necessity to respect the international legitimacy’s decisions and to oblige Israel to comply with these decisions and with the rules of international law,” it added.

The pan-Arab body also hoped that other countries will adopt similar stances, and rejected any measures that “encroach on Palestinians’ right to restore their land and to establish an independent country with east al-Quds as its capital.”

On Tuesday, Australia’s Foreign Minister Penny Wong said at the Parliament House that Canberra would move to “strengthen the government’s objection to settlements by affirming that they are illegal under international law and a significant obstacle to peace.”

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