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Badran slams US administration for acquitting Israel of its crimes in Gaza

DOHA(Palestine Foundation Information Center)Member of Hamas’s political bureau Husam Badran has strongly denounced the US state department’s statement that acquitted the Israeli occupation regime of committing genocidal crimes against the Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip.

In press remarks on Monday, Badran said that the US state department exonerated the occupation state from its responsibility for the mass killing of civilians and the bombing of hospitals in Gaza.

“America’s persistence in providing the occupation with cover for its Nazi behavior and crimes against our people in the Gaza Strip and the genocide against Palestinian families has proved further its direct involvement in the deadly battle against our people,” the Hamas official underlined.

He added that the US administration’s insistence on providing the Israeli occupation state with media and military support for its crimes “is not only antagonistic against the Palestinian people, but also against the Arab and Muslim peoples and the world’s free people.

He held the US administration led by Joe Biden fully responsible for Israel’s growing massacres and genocidal crimes against the defenseless children, women and civilians in Gaza.

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