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Blossoming Palestine – Photos and Poem

It is the season of peach flower blossoms in Gaza. The Palestine Chronicle transports you to a beautiful scene in an equally beautiful Gaza.

Despite all the hardship, Palestine continues to blossom.

The poem below by the iconic Palestinian poetess Fadwa Tuqan conveys this sentiment.

Ever Alive, Fadwa Tuqan

My beloved homeland
No matter how long the millstone
Of pain and agony churns you
In the wilderness of tyranny,
They will never be able
To pluck your eyes
Or kill your hopes and dreams
Or crucify your will to rise
Or steel the smiles of our children
Or destroy and burn,
Because out from our deep sorrows,
Out from the freshness of our spilled blood
Out from the quivering of life and death
Life will be reborn in you again

(All Photos: Mahmoud Ajjour

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