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British rabbis warn top diplomat about Israel’s ‘survival’ under Netanyahu

Palestine, (The Palestine Information Centre)Dozens of leading British rabbis and other prominent Jewish figures have written to Foreign Secretary James Cleverly to warn against the existential threat that the far-right Israeli administration of Benjamin Netanyahu poses to the “survival” of the regime.

They also called on the senior British diplomat not to label his forthcoming visit to the 1948 occupied territories later this week as “business as usual.”

The letter comes ahead of Cleverly’s proposed meetings with 73-year-old Netanyahu, who is also the chairman of Likud right-wing political party.

Reflecting the growing discontent within the UK Jewish community over the policies of Israel’s right-wing administration, including the controversial judicial overhaul, the rabbis called on Cleverley to stress that London’s relationship with Israel is contingent on its adherence to international principles.

Signatories to the letter include prominent rabbis Jonathan Wittenberg, Charley Baglinsky and Josh Levy from non-Orthodox Jewish denominations, as well as leaders of progressive Jewish organizations like the New Israel Fund and Habonim Dror.

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