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Dozens of Palestinians arrested in IOF West Bank raids

WEST BANK,(Palestine Foundation Information Center)The Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) launched a large-scale raid and arrest campaign across the West Bank at dawn Wednesday.

Dozens of people were detained during the raids, including three women and two journalists.

The IOF detained the two journalists Amer Abu Arafa and Muhammad Al-Atrash after storming their family homes in al-Khalil.

In Nablus, the IOF troops stormed Tal town and arrested Mrs. Lina Rayhan, the mother of the prisoner, Moamen Rayhan, and his wife, Raghad Asaad, after raiding their family home.

The young woman, Lamis Abu Arqoub, was also detained from her family house in Kharsa town, south of al-Khalil. Her father was severely beaten during the raid.

Five more people were rounded up in Nablus, while others were detained in Jenin. Several towns were also stormed in Jenin.

Two more youths were detained in Tubas, while clashes erupted in Qalqilya after the IOF launched a large-scale raid and arrest campaign. Three people were injured during the raids, while at least six people were arrested.

The IOF arrested two youths from their family houses in Ramallah.

The IOF further stormed Birzeit University campus and Birzeit town, which led to the outbreak of violent clashes. A young man suffered a gunshot injury during the clashes.

Similar clashes also erupted in Jericho after being stormed by IOF troops.

The IOF kidnapped 11 people from their family houses in Bethlehem, including three minors, and 13 other people in al-Khalil.

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