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Euro-Med: Gaza is facing thirst, campaign of annihilation

GAZA, (The Palestine Information Centre)Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor expressed on Friday its deep concern about the grave developments resulting from the ongoing Israeli military attacks on Gaza for the seventh consecutive day, and the serious violations against Palestinian civilians.

“Israel is conducting a wide revenge-driven campaign of annihilation against Gaza’s civilians, through its heavy aerial bombardments on residential neighborhoods and the deprivation of water and basic necessities,” Euro-Med Monitor warned in a statement.

The international rights group strongly denounced the Israeli army’s warning to the civilians in northern Gaza to move to the southern parts of the coastal enclave. “This openly constitutes a practice of forcible transfer, falling outside of international law.”

Euro-Med Monitor pointed to a severe shortage of water supplies and essential food items due to a complete blockade on Gaza for seven consecutive days, and the cutting off of humanitarian supplies to its population, around 2.3 million people.

“Gaza currently faces a dire thirst crisis, as Israeli authorities have stopped pumping water from the Mekorot supply line to the Strip as of the first day of its military attack. Desalination plants have also stopped working due to power cuts and fuel depletion,” Euro-Med said.

“The Israeli attacks on most water wells have exacerbated the crisis, greatly reducing the water supply to residential areas.”

Euro-Med Monitor also pointed to a severe shortage of food supplies, including bread, eggs, and vegetables, adding that “international humanitarian organizations are facing immense difficulties in distributing food aid to Gaza’s residents.”

“Nearly half a million people (112,000 families) have been unable to access their food rations since the closure of food distribution centers belonging to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA),” according to Euro-Med’s statement.

Moreover, there has been significant damage to agricultural land and poultry farms due to Israeli attacks, and farmers are unable to access their lands and likely to lose their crops, its statement said.

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