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French directors urged not to attend Israel’s Film Festival

PARIS, (The Palestine Information Centre) A number of French associations have urged, in a joint letter, the two directors Claire Denis and Florent Zeller to cancel their participation at the “Jerusalem film festival,” in protest against the Israeli aggression in Jenin.

The organizations include France Palestine Solidarité, Les Amis du Théâtre de La Liberté de Jénine, and Culture du Palestine.

“Dear Claire Denis, Dear Florian Zeller, can you seriously imagine that your presence in the jury of this festival is not interpreted and used as a guarantee for the State of Israel and its policy?” the letter reads.

“Would you have accepted to preside and participate in a jury in a film festival sponsored by the Russian state? The Jerusalem Film Festival, to which you will give your support, is sponsored and funded by the far-right Israeli government, which includes ministers who openly claim to be fascist“, it added.

“Out of respect for all that you have contributed to cinema and theater, we urge you to renounce this compromising participation or, at least, to clearly and publicly condemn the crimes committed by the State of Israel, which finances the Festival”, the letter concluded.


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