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Gaza death toll surges to 12,000 as Israeli bloody war intensifies

GAZA,(Palestine Foundation Information Center)For the 43rd consecutive day, the Israeli occupation’s massive carnage continues to claim more lives in the Gaza Strip as its army persists in bombing homes and buildings and targeting civilians.

According to the Government Media Office (GMO), the Palestinian death toll from Israeli ongoing aggression on the Gaza Strip has climbed to 12,000 since Oct. 7.

Out of the total victims, 5,000 were children and 3,300 were women, with more than 30,000 others injured, more than 70 percent of whom are women and children.

The Israeli occupation committed 1,270 massacres against the people of Gaza.

GMO spokesman Ismail Thawabta pointed out that 3,750 people are still missing under the rubble, including 1,800 children.

He also added that 200 health personnel, 22 civil defense members, and 51 journalists were killed in the Israeli attacks.

The GMO added that 25 hospitals and 52 health centers have ceased operations in Gaza due to Israeli attacks and a shortage of fuel needed to operate power generators. 55 ambulances were also targeted in the attacks.

Along the same line, 76 mosques were completely destroyed, and 165 mosques were partially damaged, while three churches were targeted.

According to the Palestinian estimates, 95 government headquarters were destroyed along with 255 schools, of which 63 were out of service.

Thawabta stressed that Gaza’s hospitals only provide health services to the sick and wounded and that the Israeli claims are false lies that do not deceive anyone.

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