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Gaza: Death toll surges to over 3,500 as Israel’s carnage persists

GAZA,(The Palestine Information Centre)As Israel’s genocide in the Gaza Strip entered its 13th day on Thursday, the death toll climbed to over 3,500 victims, mostly women and children, after the Israeli occupation army continued last night and today to indiscriminately bomb more homes, shelters, facilities and roads.

According to the latest official statistics, the number of wounded citizens increased dramatically to over 13,000 due to the relentless Israeli attacks on residential areas in Gaza.

The interior ministry in Gaza reported that unknown numbers of people were either killed or injured during Israeli attacks on two homes in the neighborhoods of Shuja’iya and Radwan in Gaza City.

An Israeli warplane bombed a house belonging to the family of Majaida in Khan Yunis, killing eight citizens and injuring many others.

Palestinian lawmaker Jamila al-Shanti, a member of Hamas’s political bureau, was pronounced dead during an overnight air raid on Gaza, according to medical sources.

Casualties were also reported in al-Nuseirat refugee camp when Israeli warplanes bombed four apartment towers in al-Zahra residential complex.

Another citizen was martyred and 21 others were wounded during an Israeli attack on the family of Mukhaymar’s house in Khan Yunis, south of Gaza, while a warplane bombed floor of the Masri apartment tower in Rafah, with no information about casualties.

At dawn, the Israeli occupation army massacred at least 46 civilians and injured many others during attacks on homes belonging to different families in Rafah.

Another unknown number of casualties were reported during an Israeli aerial attack on a house belonging to the family of al-Madhoun near the Abu Skander junction at the main entrance of Jabalia an-Nazla, north of Gaza.

Five citizens were also killed and 12 others suffered injuries during Israeli attacks on several homes in Jabalia refugee camp, northeast of Gaza City.

An airstrike also targeted an-Namnam building in al-Nuseirat refugee camp in central Gaza, killing one child.

At least five bakeries were also bombed by warplanes in different areas of Gaza. Casualties were reported.

Other Israeli airstrikes were also reported across Gaza in the morning and afternoon.

The death toll in Gaza is likely to increase as the Israeli army continues to launch deadly and devastating attacks on different areas.


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