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GMO appeals for ending the humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza

GAZA  (Palestine Foundation Information Center) The Government Media Office (GMO) in Gaza announced in a statement on Monday that, as the Israeli genocidal war on Gaza entered day 94, the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) have so far committed 1,932 massacres, leaving 30,084 people as dead and missing. About 23,084 martyrs of them arrived at hospitals including 10,000 children, 7,000 women, 326 medical personnel, 45 civil defense workers, and 112 journalists, it added.

The GMO called on the world to intervene to stop the Israeli bloody aggression and to open the crossings to bring in medical aid and food supplies as well as to provide the people of Gaza with housing units.

The GMO statement revealed that 7,000 people are still missing with 70% of them being women and children. There are approximately 59,000 people wounded, it added.

The number of the arrests mounted to more than 2,600 detainees so far, including 99 medical personnel, and 10 journalists.

Two million displaced Palestinians are currently living under a very difficult living conditions in hundreds of displacement and shelter centers. They all need urgent aid and supplies. The overcrowding has led to the spread of diseases including 400,000 recorded cases with infectious diseases.

The Israeli brutal war has also left 134 government headquarters destroyed, 95 schools and universities knocked out of service, 295 schools and universities partially damaged, 138 mosques completely destroyed, 240 other mosques partially damaged, and 3 churches targeted.

The hideous aggression also completely demolished 69,000 residential units, while 290,000 others were partially demolished.

Israeli airstrikes also targeted 30 hospitals and 53 health centers which were all knocked out of service. About 150 health institutions were targeted, as well, and largely affected, with 121 ambulances completely damaged.

The GMO renewed its appeal to Egypt to urgently open the Rafah crossing in order to transfer 6,000 severely wounded people for treatment abroad.

The statement also confirmed that the governorates of Gaza and North Gaza are facing a real famine, which has been confirmed by various international organizations.

The GMO concluded its statement by saying, “In light of the humanitarian catastrophe resulting from the Israeli destruction of approximately 360,000 housing units, we appeal to the Gulf Cooperation Council, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the League of Arab States, and all countries of the free world to agree on an immediate solution to the humanitarian catastrophe as a result of the destruction of hundreds of thousands of homes, leaving millions of people in Gaza homeless.”

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