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GMO denies Israeli fabricated narrative about Gaza hospitals

GAZA,(Palestine Foundation Information Center)The government Media Office (GMO) strongly denied the Israeli army spokesman’s falsehoods about hospitals in the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli fabricated story came as part of “Israel’s psychological war on our Palestinian people, and cannot deceive the public opinion,” GMO said in a press statement issued on Monday evening.

“These lies come as part of the Israeli incitement campaign and as a prelude to destroy hospitals over the heads of patients, medical staff, and displaced people,” the GMO said.

The statement held Israel fully responsible for any foolishness it commits against hospitals or health institutions.

The GMO urged the international community to cease giving the Israeli army cover and green light to carry out more atrocities against women, children, and civilians as well as against Gaza’s hospitals and other medical and humanitarian facilities.

Earlier Monday, Israeli army spokesperson Daniel Hagari held a press conference regarding an alleged incident involving the discovery of weapons at the Rantisi hospital in Gaza.

The GMO stressed that the fake video footage was part of an Israeli disinformation and incitement campaign directed at hospitals, with the goal of defending Israeli crimes against the Baptist, Al-Shifa, Indonesian, Rantisi, Public Service, Al-Quds, and Turkish hospitals.

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