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Haaretz: JNF funds projects in illegal West Bank outposts

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (The Palestine Information Centre)The Jewish National Fund (JNF) invested 4 million shekels (about $1 million) over the last two years in a project designed for young settlers dropping out of school who live in shepherd’s farm outposts in the West Bank, Haaretz Hebrew newspaper revealed.

The fund transferred 4 million shekels over the past two years for at-risk youth training programs to organizations that promote living in strategically placed outposts intended to minimize Palestinian grazing grounds, the paper added.

A source at the JNF told Haaretz that a number of farms in the West Bank receiving support as part of the project intended for at-risk youth are larger than those in the Negev and Galilee.

One of the organizations receiving support as part of this project calls itself “The return of Zion to its soil.” It received half a million shekels in the past and is expected to receive another 1.75 million shekels later this year.

According to social media publications by the Artzenu organization, it recruits volunteers to an outpost called Moshe’s Farm.

The Artzenu project encourages volunteers to join illegal farms, which, according to its website, “are meant to protect thousands of acres of state land against the trespassing of unauthorized people.” Haaretz said that in addition to Moshe’s Farm, Artzenu is active on other farms as well.

These projects work on seizing as much Palestinian land as possible.

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