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Hamas: Blocking aid into Gaza “part of Israel’s genocidal war”

GAZA (Palestine Foundation Information Center)The Hamas Movement has said that the Israeli occupation army’s persistence in preventing the entry of aid to the Gaza Strip is “another war crime” and “part of its genocidal war on the population.”

“The terrorist occupation government continues to wage its war of starvation and to impose a tight siege on our people in the Gaza Strip,” Hamas said in a statement on Tuesday.

“[The occupation government] prevents the entry of trucks carrying food aid for the 64th day running, while groups of settlers systematically burn aid at the Karam Abu Salem crossing,” Hamas added.

Hamas accused the Israeli government and its settler groups of practicing “the ugliest forms of starvation war against defenseless civilians, who have been facing an all-out war of extermination for more than nine months.”

“The famine that is growing and escalating, especially in Gaza City and the northern governorate, is the result of an ongoing criminal Zionist decision — backed by the complicit US administration — denying our people in the Gaza Strip all means of life, despite UN resolutions and orders issued by the International Court of Justice calling for necessarily allowing aid into all areas of Gaza,” Hamas said.

The Movement warned that the starvation war on Gaza would claim the lives of more children and innocent civilians, calling on the international community to take immediate action to provide Gaza with aid and hold Israeli leaders accountable for their horrific war crimes.

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