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Hamas calls for holding Israel accountable for killing two kids in Jenin

JENIN(Palestine Foundation Information Center)The Hamas Movement has condemned the cold-blooded killing of two Palestinian children by Israeli soldiers in Jenin on Wednesday as an “appalling” incident and called on the international community to hold Israeli leaders accountable for this crime.

“The Israeli occupation forces’ deliberate killing of two Palestinian children in Jenin City this afternoon is a horrific crime that has reflected the sadism of the Nazi occupation against our people,” Hamas said in a statement on Wednesday.

Hamas said that the killing of those kids is “part of the ethnic cleansing policy pursued by Israel against the Palestinian people in full view of the international community and the UN, who have become known for their failure to curb its crimes and hold it accountable at the competent international courts.”

The Movement called on rights groups to condemn this heinous crime and take legal action against Israel at the International Criminal Court to hold it accountable for its crimes in the West Bank and Gaza.

Two Palestinian children were killed on Wednesday afternoon by Israeli gunfire in Jenin. Video footage circulated on the internet showed the kids being gunned down by Israeli sniper fire.

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