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Hamas calls for permanent humanitarian corridor to Gaza

GAZA,(Palestine Foundation Information Center)-Hamas has called on Arab and Islamic countries and the United Nations to intensify efforts to open a permanent humanitarian corridor to the Gaza Strip and to reject the Israeli policy of starving its population.

Hamas stated in a press release on Monday that “the limited amount of aid that has been delivered to the Gaza Strip over the past two days does not meet the growing needs of our people in the face of the savage aggression and the ongoing blockade, which has led to a severe shortage of all essential food, medicine, and fuel supplies in all hospitals in Gaza.”

Arab and Islamic countries, as well as the United Nations and concerned parties, are urged to intensify efforts to urgently open a humanitarian corridor for the delivery of fuel, food, medicine, and medical supplies to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe,” Hamas added.

Since October 7, the Israeli occupation forces have been carrying out brutal massacres in the Gaza Strip, resulting in more than 5,000 martyrs and more than 15,000 injured, in addition to a complete closure that blocked the entry of food, water, electricity, and medicines.

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