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Hamas calls for serious action to curb Israel’s genocide in Gaza

BEIRUT(The Palestine Information Centre)The Hamas Movement has urged the Arab and Muslim nations and the world’s free people to take serious steps to put an end to the Israeli genocidal war on the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

This came during a news conference held on Wednesday by the Movement in the Lebanese capital, Beirut.

Senior Hamas official Osama Hamdan called for allowing aid convoys into Gaza through its border crossings and working quickly on setting up and supporting field hospitals to ease the burden on main hospitals.

Hamdan asked UNRWA to assume its humanitarian responsibilities to the fullest towards the Palestinian refugees in Gaza.

Hamdan called on the Palestinian masses in the West Bank and 1948-occupied Palestine to rise up against the Israeli occupation forces and clash with them in all cities, towns, and refugee camps.

The Hamas official urged the world’s free men and women to continue organizing and participating in rallies and marches in protest at the ongoing Israeli genocide and war of annihilation in Gaza.

He also called for expelling Israeli ambassadors from Arab and Islamic countries, ending all forms of normalization with the occupation regime, launching boycott campaigns against it, and taking serious steps to isolate it and prevent any attempt to integrate it into the Arab and Islamic worlds.

He also stressed the need for the Palestinian Authority and human rights groups to submit war crimes complaints against Israeli leaders to the International Criminal Court, in order to achieve justice for the victims, including those who were massacred at the Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital in Gaza City.

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