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Hamas calls for suing Israeli leaders over crimes against journalists

GAZA, (The Palestine Information Centre)The Hamas Movement has described the Israeli killing and targeting of Palestinian journalists and media professionals in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip as “systematic violations” and “imprescriptible crimes.”

This came in a statement on the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian Journalist, which is observed on September 26 every year.

Hamas called for necessarily prosecuting those who committed crimes against Palestinian journalists and holding them accountable as “war criminals.”

Hamas underlined that “the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian Journalist comes as journalists, media professionals and their institutions in Palestine are exposed to fierce attacks and systematic targeting by the Israeli occupation.”

The Movement pointed out that Palestinian journalists are attacked with live ammunition, cold-bloodedly killed, arrested, harassed and banished by the occupation forces.

In addition to that, pages and platforms supporting and advocating for the Palestinian people’s rights and their just cause are blocked and closed by social media companies at the behest of the Israeli occupation government, the Movement said.

“The occupation’s crimes against Palestinian journalists, media professionals and their institutions have unveiled the enormity of fear felt by leaders of its fascist government towards the message and role of the national resistance media,” Hamas said.

Hamas expressed its belief that such Israeli crimes and violations would never succeed in muzzling and eliminating the voice of journalists who speak out in defense of the Palestinian rights or in obscuring their narrative that is filled with truth and credibility.

It called on media establishments in the Arab and Islamic worlds and the world’s free peoples to support Palestinian journalists and show solidarity with them in order for them to continue performing their noble role in exposing Israeli crimes and conveying the true picture of the conflict with the Israeli occupation regime.

It paid tribute to all the journalists and media professionals inside and outside Palestine for their great contributions to the Palestinian struggle against the Israeli occupation.

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