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Hamas condemns violations against Palestinian homes in al-Khalil

GAZA, (The Palestine Information Centre)The media reports about the Israeli occupation’s violations in al-Khalil including breaking into Palestinian homes, terrorizing Palestinian citizens, and attacking Palestinian women inside their homes with weapons and police dogs, confirm once again that the rogue state of the Israeli occupation does not respect any international law or convention, the Hamas Movement said in a statement issued on Monday.

The Israeli occupation shows no liability towards the international law that protects people under occupation, while the international community continues to ignore the unabated Israeli crimes, the statement reads.

Hamas emphasized that these crimes are a serious escalation that will not pass without reprisals from the Palestinian people.

“All the Israeli occupation’s crimes are aimed at terrorizing the Palestinian people and stopping their resistance and freedom struggle.”

The Israeli occupation schemes are doomed to failure in the face of the steadfastness of the Palestinian people, the Movement concluded.

On July 10, at least 50 Israeli soldiers along with police dogs raided al-Khalil and attacked a residential family building where 26 Palestinians, including 15 children, live.

The family woke up in terror after the soldiers’ break-in. Violating the Palestinian women’s privacy, two female Israeli soldiers ordered five Palestinian women to enter the children’s room one by one, forcing them to strip naked and walk in front of their children, who were trembling with fear.

The Israeli soldiers threatened the Palestinian women with unleashing the dogs if they did not follow their orders and take off their clothes.

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