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Hamas: Israel bears direct responsibility for the hospital massacre

GAZA, (The Palestine Information Centre)The Hamas Movement stated in a statement released on Wednesday that the Israeli occupation bears direct responsibility for the Baptist Hospital massacre and that its flagrant lies will not fool anyone.

According to the Movement, the occupation is putting out a false front and pushing it with overt propaganda in an attempt to avoid holding responsibility for the Baptist Hospital massacre.

“Baptist Hospital and 22 other hospitals and medical facilities, housing medical personnel, patients, and injured people, were all under threat from this fascist occupation. The Israeli occupation has bombed 23 ambulances and killed more than 25 doctors and their families so far.”

“They (the occupation forces) are the ones who killed more than 3,000 Palestinian civilians, 70% of whom were children and women, by destroying entire residential neighborhoods and 120,000 housing units on the heads of their residents.”

This horrible massacre was caused directly by the fascist occupation, which provided multiple accounts of the events starting within the first hour of the massacre, Hamas concluded.

Earlier Wednesday, Palestinian resistance group Islamic Jihad described the Israel army’s accusations that it was responsible for a strike on a Gaza hospital as “lies that have no basis.”

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