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Hamas: Israeli regime cannot evade punishment for its atrocities

West Bank,(The Palestine Information Centre)The Palestinian Hamas resistance movement has vowed that the Palestinian people and the nation’s resistance fighters will not allow persisting Israeli atrocities across occupied Palestine to go unpunished.

Hamas spokesman Hazem Qassem made the pledge on Sunday following the killing of three more Palestinians in the occupied West Bank city of Jenin by Israeli forces, describing the brutal crime as “an escalation in its [Israeli] aggression and continued terrorism against our people.”

The spokesman further emphasized that the blood of martyrs would not go in vain, and would, rather, “fuel” more acts of resistance and “the glorious uprising and the great revolution” against the Tel Aviv regime.

“Our people’s will remains solid and won’t be broken by Israeli atrocities,” he underlined.

Qaseem added that the recent escalation in Israeli crimes against the Palestinian population highlights the need to “work diligently to establish a national, practical plan to confront the occupation,” with the collaboration of all Palestinian factions.

Earlier on Sunday, Israeli forces opened fire at a vehicle near the town of Arraba, south of Jenin, killing all three Palestinian occupants.

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