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Hamas: Jerusalem shooting operation natural response to Israeli crimes

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM(Palestine Foundation Information Center)The Hamas Movement said in a statement issued on Thursday that “the Jerusalem shooting operation came as a natural response to the unprecedented crimes committed by Israel in Gaza and against children in Jenin.”

“The shooting operation is a response to the widespread violations that our prisoners are subjected to in Israel’s prisons, and its continued violations in the Aqsa Mosque,” the Movement added.

Hamas mourned the two brother martyrs Murad Muhammad Nimr, 38, and Ibrahim Muhammad Nimr, 30, who carried out the anti-occupation operation earlier this morning in the Ramot settlement in Occupied Jerusalem.

Later on Thursday, Hamas’s armed wing, al-Qassam Brigades, claimed responsibility for the shooting. The statement posted on the group’s Telegram channel said the operation was in response “to the occupation’s crimes of killing children and women in Gaza.”

“The operation came as a natural response to Israeli crimes,” the Brigades said, citing Israel’s military offensive in Gaza and the treatment of Palestinian prisoners.

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