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Hamas lauds W. Bank resistance, slams Israeli aggression in Jenin

GAZA  (Palestine Foundation Information Center) The Hamas Movement has strongly denounced the deadly Israeli attack on Jenin City last night, describing it as “part of the barbaric Israeli aggression that targets the Palestinian people’s existence on their land.”

In a statement on Sunday, Hamas said that the Israeli occupation’s escalation of its aggression in the West Bank is a “desperate attempt that will not succeed in breaking the steadfastness and resistance of the Palestinian people in the West Bank.”

The Movement applauded the West Bank resistance fighters for the bravery they showed as they were repelling the Israeli attack on Jenin and for the successful shooting operation near Ramallah.

It urged the Palestinian masses and the armed groups across the West Bank to continue escalating all forms of resistance against the occupation army and extremist settlers in the West Bank in response to their crimes and violations.

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