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Hamas mourns 3 journalists killed in Israeli attacks on Gaza

GAZA, (The Palestine Information Centre)The head of Hamas’s Information Office, Ezzat Al-Rishq, has mourned Palestinian journalists Saed al-Tawil, Mohammad Sobeh, and Hisham Nawajaa, who were killed in an Israeli aerial attack on a residential building in Gaza at dawn Tuesday.

“The assassination of Palestinian journalists is a desperate attempt to combat the truth and prevent it from being reported to the world as the Israeli occupation tries to cover up its heinous crimes against our defenseless Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip,” al-Rishq said.

The members of the Hamas politburo hailed all media practitioners and outlets for performing their professional and national roles in exposing the Israeli occupation’s crimes.

Al-Rishq also called for holding Israeli occupation leaders accountable for their crimes against Palestinian journalists, stressing that the Palestinian people will continue their legitimate struggle to restore their right to self-determination.


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