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Hamas: On International Human Rights Day, we call for an end to the genocide against our people

GAZA(Palestine Foundation Information Center)On International Human Rights Day, the Hamas Movement called for protecting the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people, stopping Israeli aggression and genocidal massacres against Palestinian civilians, and prosecuting their perpetrators.

Marking this day while the Zionist occupation continues its barbaric war and aggression for more than seven decades against the rights of our Palestinian people with Zionist-American weapons represents a flagrant violation of the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the rules of international humanitarian law, the Movement said.

The Movement also held the international community the moral and humanitarian responsibility to stop the ongoing Israeli crimes and genocidal war.

“On International Human Rights Day, we affirm our total adherence to all our legitimate rights, foremost of which are freedom, independence, self-determination, comprehensive liberation, and right of return, and our total rejection of all settlement projects, forced displacement, and abandonment of our inalienable rights.”

The Hamas Movement also hailed the sacrifices made by the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, Occupied Jerusalem, and in the Diaspora.

The Movement concluded by calling on the United Nations, its institutions, and the international community to support the Palestinian people, their legitimate rights, and to stop its double standard policy in dealing with the Palestinian cause.

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