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Hamas: PA attack against Palestinian ex-prisoner grave violation

AL-KHALIL,(The Palestine Information Centre)The Hamas Movement has said that the attack carried out by the Palestinian Authority (PA) security services against the Palestinian ex-prisoner Hazim al-Fakhouri constitutes a grave violation.

In a press statement on Friday, the Movement condemned the PA attack in the West Bank city of al-Khalil which came following its attack against Palestinian students in Hebron University.

The Movement reiterated its rejection of the escalating attacks and arrest campaigns launched by the PA against Palestinian ex-prisoners and resistance fighters in the West Bank, calling on the Palestinian factions to work towards stopping the PA attacks and staying united to confront the Israeli crimes.

Earlier today, the Palestinian ex-prisoner Hazim al-Fakhouri suffered fractures in the hand after the PA security forces attacked him in front of his wife the well-known writer, Lama Khater, and vandalized his car during a raid into his house in al-Khalil.


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