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Hamas slams suspension of international funding for UNRWA

GAZA (Palestine Foundation Information Center) Hamas Movement slammed the suspension of funding for UNRWA by a number of countries, calling it a dangerous decision aimed at liquidating the issue of Palestinian refugees.

The Hamas Movement’s Mass Action Department in Lebanon said in a statement on Monday that the sudden and abrupt decision by some countries to stop funding UNRWA would subsequently lead to the cessation of all health, educational, and relief services the UN agency provides for Palestinian refugees.

The Movement added that the funding suspension comes in response to Israeli previous demands to end the role of the UN agency, stressing that it helps Israel to implement its plans of forced displacement of the Palestinian people in Gaza and liquidate the issue of refugees.

“The suspension decision came in conjunction with the International Court of Justice’s ruling which confirmed that Israel uses methods that are tantamount to genocide, which indicates that funding suspension contributes to the genocide in Gaza and that these decisions are conspiratorial against our people and their rights,” Hamas added.

Hamas called on the United Nations to provide UNRWA with all requirements to continue to serve the refugees in Gaza, warning that any decline or reduction in services would affect the refugees’ future, especially in Lebanon as it would escalate the suffering of the Palestinian people there and worsen their economic and social conditions.

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