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Hamas values Egypt’s position on Salahuddin border route

GAZA (Palestine Foundation Information Center) The Hamas Movement has appreciated Egypt’s position against the Israeli occupation government’s threats regarding the Salahuddin (Philadelphi) corridor on the borderline with the Gaza Strip.

“This position reflects the importance of the Egyptian role in supporting and helping the Palestinian people in this historic battle and stopping the brutal aggression against them, especially in Gaza,” senior Hamas official Taher an-Nunu said in statement on Thursday.

A few days ago, Diyaa Rashwan, head of Egypt’s state information service, said that recent remarks by Israeli officials, including premier Benjamin Netanyahu, about alleged smuggling operations of weapons, explosives, ammunition, and their components, into the Gaza Strip from Egyptian territory through alleged tunnels were “lies and baseless.”

“These Israeli claims and lies aim to create a “legitimacy” allowing it to occupy the Philadelphia corridor by violating the security agreements and protocols signed between Israel and Egypt. Therefore, we strongly confirm that any Israeli move in this direction will lead to a serious threat to Egyptian-Israeli relations,” Rashwan warned in a statement last Monday.

“This Egyptian red line joins the previous one, which Egypt has repeatedly declared, which is the categorical rejection of any plan to forcibly or voluntarily displace our Palestinian brothers to Sinai. This line Israel will not be allowed to cross,” he added.

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