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Hamdan: Biden’s remarks on Gaza have no practical impact

GAZA (Palestine Foundation Information Center) Senior Hamas official Osama Hamdan has described US President Joe Biden’s recent remarks on the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip as “words hanging in the air,” affirming that they have no practical impact on the ground.

In remarks to the Al Araby satellite channel on Friday, Hamdan said that Biden’s remarks on Gaza reflected that he could have started to realize that Israel’s war on Gaza influenced a large segment of his voters and thus would lead to his failure in the upcoming presidential elections.

Hamdan added that Biden might also have received advice on the need not to appear as fully involved in the Israeli aggression against Gaza.

The Hamas official, however, said that there is still a serious opportunity to have a comprehensive ceasefire agreement over Gaza, stressing that such a step depends on the mentality of Israeli Premier Benjamin Netanyahu and the size of the US pressure on him.

During a news conference at the White House on Thursday, Biden called Israel’s military response in Gaza “over the top” and talked about his administration’s efforts to broker a sustainable ceasefire.

He also called for necessarily stopping the war and stressed that “a lot of innocent people are starving, in trouble, and dying.”

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