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Hamdan calls for intensifying Palestinian presence at Aqsa

BEIRUT(Palestine Foundation Information Center)22,000 Palestinians were killed and more than 56,000 others were injured since the start of the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip, said the leader in the Hamas Movement Osama Hamdan.

Speaking at a press conference in Beirut on Thursday evening, Hamdan pointed out that 20 Israeli massacres were carried out over the past 24 hours.

At least 300 people have been killed in these Israeli attacks, he said.

The situation in northern Gaza has reached a point where people are “starving to death, including women, children and elderly citizens.”

He called on Arab and Muslim nations, as well as the international community, to provide aid to Gaza.

The Hamas official said his group is “open to any ideas or proposals for a complete and final cessation of aggression against our people in the Gaza Strip.”

Hamdan said Hamas is not interested in a “partial or temporary cessation of aggression” and reiterated the group’s official position that the remaining hostages who have been held in Gaza since the group launched its Aqsa flood operation against Israel would only be released after a permanent ceasefire is implemented.

As for the enclave’s post-war governance, Hamdan said it would be a “decision of the Palestinian people alone” and that Palestinians in Gaza would “not accept a leadership that comes on the back of a Zionist or American tank or under the protection of this tank.”

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