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Haneyya: Israeli aggression in Gaza may escalate to regional war

DOHA,(The Palestine Information Centre)The head of Hamas’s political bureau Ismail Haneyya declared that the Palestinian resistance remains in control of the battle against Israeli aggression.

Despite the occupier’s brutality, Haneyya emphasized that the resistance will continue to fight for the right to self-determination and will not allow the displacement of the Palestinian people.

Haneyya also acknowledged the efforts of American and European officials to support Israel but said that their attempts have failed in the Arab and Muslim world.

He further warned that the ongoing Israeli aggression on Gaza could have severe consequences and may escalate into a regional war beyond the control of Israel and its supporters.

In a call for justice, Haneyya insisted that the leaders of Israel should be held accountable for the crimes they have committed. He emphasized that Hamas and the resistance Movement have a higher moral ground than the occupying forces, which practice premeditated killing.

Highlighting the urgency of ending the Israeli occupation, Haneyya conveyed that he had received a number of calls and meetings over the past few days, all of which emphasized the need for a solution.

Referring to the recent massacre at Al-Ahli Hospital, Haneyya condemned Israel for its criminal and brutal actions. He expressed hope that this massacre, which media reports estimate to have claimed the lives of and wounded around a thousand individuals, would mark a turning point and contribute to a “tempest” that adds to the ongoing Al-Aqsa Flood.

Haneyya assigned responsibility for the crime to the United States, accusing it of giving Israel a green light to act as it pleases in Gaza.


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