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HRD: Israel to build new settler outpost in al-Khalil City

AL-KHALIL, (The Palestine Information Centre)Israeli bulldozers continue to work day and night in the heart of al-Khalil City in order to prepare the area — the sites of an old bus station and a vegetable market — for the building of a new Jewish settler outpost.

In a statement on Tuesday, Human Rights Defenders (HRD) accused the Israeli occupation authority (IOA) of working on imposing its control over Palestinian lands in al-Khalil City and building a belt of settler outposts linking the settlement that was built on the lands of Tel Rumeida with the settlement of Kiryat Arba.

HRD said that the IOA works on destroying the historical heritage of al-Khalil City and increasing the number of Jewish settlers.

HRD added that the number of settler outposts in al-Khalil City would be eight if the IOA built a new one in central al-Khalil (Shuhada Street), affirming that the new outpost would be a major obstacle to the movement of Palestinian citizens.

The rights group expressed its concern about Israeli intents to grab and destroy more Palestinian real estate in the ancient areas of al-Khalil in order to build settler outposts.


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