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Indian occupation of Occupied Kashmir is destroying the peace of the region. Dr Sabir Abu Maryam

KARACHI  (Palestine Foundation Information Center)  Secretary General of Palestine Foundation Pakistan (PLF) Dr. Sabir Abu Maryam has said that Indian occupation of Occupied Kashmir is destroying the peace of the region. He expresses these views during a seminar on 5th February Kashmir Solidarity Day at Karachi.

The seminar was organized by Youth Forum for Kashmir in which a large number of students from across the city participated.

Addressing the seminar, Dr. Sabir Abu Maryam said that today innocent children to the elderly and women are being subjected to oppression in Occupied Kashmir. Indian army has become a symbol of terror and cruelty.

He said that the Indian government and the occupied forces want to take away the right to live from the people of Occupied Kashmir, on which we will not remain silent.

He further said that the international community’s silence on the Kashmir issue is criminal act. The international community should bind the terrorist government of India and provide the right of self-determination to the people of Occupied Kashmir as per the UN resolutions.

He further said that the fate of Kashmir will not be decided by the United States and the United Kingdom, nor will they allow the government of India, but the people of Kashmir should decide the fate of Kashmir through their right to self-determination.

On this occasion, he also clarified the negative and conspiratorial role of Britain and America regarding the Kashmir issue and the Palestine issue.

Scholars and leaders from different walks of life participated in the seminar.



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